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Hi , Glad to have you on my site ,even though only God knows how you landed up here   ; -) But hey, hope you have , a Great Time .E- mail  me, get in touch, it'll be nice to have a new friend .And if you 're  wondering who is this fellow, then read on . My name is Abhay Adhikari, and i live in India . I'am 16 years old, going to turn 17 on June 22'nd ( don't forget to send that Birthday card ) and am currently in the   final year of schooling . That is class 12 . I have taken up sciences as my main subject and the following photo is terrible, i know that, but it is a still from a home video taken when i was forced to eat a plateful of Eggplant, and i detest Eggplant ! But i managed to eat the whole meal like a 'Good Boy', so in order to celebrate the event, i have put this still up , taken during the half way mark, dont look to closely or you might be able to make out  the expression on my face, and this site is for kids too .. right ;-) !

Well, with all that ugly business over   with let me tell you a little more about myself,  i like to write, short stories that is , and some poetry, no great achevments in this field, though i did come runners up in the all India poetry writing competition, and a couple of prizes for my stories here and there .  I love listening to music and am perhaps the ' Greatest Enya fan ever . I worship the   television and also like to Surf the net and get  occasional but very very powerful yells from  my dad when he sees the Phone Bill,    :) . And last but not least, the quote right at   the top of the page 'the charm of silence' bit, in no way does it apply to me , i'am quite a yakkity- yak kind of fella, as you might have already guessed. Well thats all there is about me, now it's your turn so write in, e-mail in , it'll be great to make a new Friend :)One last look at another clip from the Home Video,'attack of the killer eggplants' !






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