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Spiritual Names

    Flowers are the 'wordless prayers of Nature', beautiful expressions of its yearning for the Divine . And each flower has its unique aspiration, its own vibration, its true meaning.

    Following are the spirtual names of some flowers :


Common Name (India)

Common Name(West)



Ocimum sanctum

Dynamic Power





Calostropis procera

The Divine Consciousness

Safed Kamal

White Lotus


  Significance Of Colors

   Flowers and colors, Colors and Flowers . They always go together . The scientists have given many biological and botanical reasons to explain colors, but there is also a spiritual reason. In yogic psychology every plane of consciousness has its own particular color . Flowers with certain colors have often spiritual meanings corresponding to that plane of consciousness .

   The major planes and their corresponding colors :

Major Plane Corresponding Color
Physical Bright Red
Vital Dark Red - Lavendar - Violet or Purple
Mental Yellow or Greenish Yellow
Psychic Pink or Pale Rose
Supramental Orange or Golden Yellow
Integral White
Krishna 's Light Light Blue


  The Elements

Amongst  the flowers there are some which correspond to the elements - Water, Air, Fire, Ether. There are also a few like Light, Flame, Agni, or Silver and Gold.

Spiritual Name Common Name (India) Common Name (West) Botanical Name
Water   Bridal Creeper Porana paniculata
Air Raat-ki-Rani Night Queen Cestrum nocturnum
Light Din-ka-Raja Qeen Of The Day Cestrum diurnum
Ether   Horse-tail Creeper porana volubilis
Fire Krishnachura Peacock Flower Poinciana pulcherrima
Flame   Coral Hibiscus Hibiscus schizopetalus
Agni     Hibiscus
Gold Kanchan St. Thomas tree Bauhinia tomentosa
Silver   Brisbane Lily Eurycles sylvestris


* All information has been taken from the book - "Flowers - their spiritual significance" . Printed in India at Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, Pondicherri .


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