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Spring Time Resolutions

This page hosts the resolutions of many people all over the world, if you want you can send me yours too . Of course anonymity is guaranteed, and from time to time you can check back to see whether you have kept your word or not . The basic purpose of this page is to make better human beings of all of us !

     ........ and now for the resolutions


I'd like to create more courage of the heart in myself,
because I have chosen to allow fear to paralyze me too often in making

To that end, I'd like to be able when reflecting on my
past in this life, to let go and let love...

While I am grateful for the challenges I am given, I'd
like to develop the capacity to discern more quickly what these experiences
are showing me because my hesitation and second guessing compromise my
effectiveness in being who I truly am and getting on with it.

I would like to become a much better person in all respects .

Me ? I want to become someone good and someone famous, someone whom everyone would be proud to know .

I'd like to develop a liking for studying !!! It's my last year in school and i should study hard so as to get into a good college and make a career for myself .


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