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Tori AMos and MOney MOnEY !!

Tori Amos ... and Money ??!!

      Who ever created money,
       couldn't have anticipated situations so funny,
       Consider the case of Tori Amos,
       An artists so talented and famous !
       Her songs are a delight,medicine for the soul,
       But her music is not released by many,
       who doubt it's monetary role !

       Oh ! you fools, give it a thought,
       when creating a music label,
       is this what you sought ?
       Did all that you wanted to do,
       was rake in the dough ?
       or was it something more ?

       It still isn't to late now,
       put away your calculators,
       and play your role,
       Release some music ..
       that is good for the SOUL !

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Do you have access to Tori ?

Music Today did release one album !!! But thats Just about IT !

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