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  The following page  contains  thoughts inspired by Enya and her music .


The Memory Of Trees

                    - Abhay Adhikari


There was cold all around,
and not a living sould could be found,
The evil master of brittle and blue,
Was admiring the beautiful view.
When there appeared a little spark,
seeing which the evil master gave a bark,
for a little ray emerged piercing the cloudy sky
and many followed it by and by.
They were the army of the sun,
Who had come to put and end to the feeling so glum.
But the evil master could not give up so fast,
he was determined to rule, as long as it would last.
He collected his own army
of cold winds and wisps of clouds and snow,
and tried to wipe out the rays in one blow,
But he had finally met his match,
for this severe attack on the rays,
did not even produced a little scratch!


One by one with all their might,
the little rays spread their radiance and light.
The evil master knew he was gone ,
but he kept fighting awn and awn ....
The battle was won,
and out came the sun,
in all it's glory and might,
congratulating the rays,
for putting up such a wonderful fight!
Soon the icy blanket was gone,
the Earth was once again a vivid mass of colors,
green, blue, yellow, indigo, fawn .....
Seeing that his work had been done,
back to the throne went the sun,
taking back with him the fragrance of flowers,
the chirping of birds, the humming of bees,
and that wonderful Memory Of The Trees.



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